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Real Postcards. Your design. Directly send.

Real postcards with your design

We are sorry to announce, that will stop its service. No further Postcards can be purchased. Registered users with credits are able to use them for a short time.

Send your greetings with individual postcards from all over the world to your friends and family. No matter where you are, send your own postcard from your holydays, while traveling or from a party of yours. It's easy and cheap, myTriPic-postcards are allways a nice touch.

  • Easy to design
    (the myTriPic-editor has a lot of design possibilities)
  • From all over the world
    (no extra software needed)

  • Fast delivery
    (your card arrives home earlier than you)

  • High quality
    (High quality print; as you can see within the editor)

  • Cheap: 1.79 EUR per postcard
    (print, shipment and VAT included)

  • Attractive discounts starting from 10 postcards
    (credit top up or direct payment)

  • Fair and flexible
    (We do never sell addresses, you do nat have to register. Free registration allows additional features like postcard/image archive as well as credits top up for discounts)

Real Postcards. Your design. Directly send. Create your own real postcards including printing and direct mailing by

Create with real postcards from your pictures and text phrases. With the 100% online editor. Use your holiday impressions, snapshots, travel impressions, or other motives and photos, and place them on your postcard. In addition, you can put small text greetings directly on your pictures on the front side, which in turn can be customized with colors, borders and shadows. It's that easy and your postcard is finished with your holiday motives, your party photos or possibly a love confession.

Design your own real postcard online

No matter how you design your postcard, it will certainly be well received by your friends or your family. Once you've designed the front, you can write a greeting text on the back. Choose a nice font and just start writing. All along, you're largely free of the text length. The script automatically adapts to the text length. Now you need to add the address of your friends and family to your post cards back and your holiday card or greeting card is ready for shipment. The best, however, you do not buy a pig in a poke. You see with the preview function exactly what your own personalized postcard looks like after printing. Once your photo post card is in the outbox, sends it on a high quality printed fine cardboard covered with foil. Printing and postage are included in the global postcard rate.

Your own postcard design for every opportunity

At every opportunity, simply design your own postcards. Not only on holiday, also from your adventure travel, from a party or sports event. Even if no computer is nearby, with the myTriPic smartphone app you can also use your own pictures and send your own real postcard. Whether you're using one of your pictures taken earlier or if you directly take a photo with the mobile app, in the twinkling of an eye you have created the postcard itself, written a text and the postcard with your greetings will be shipped to an address worldwide. Of course, as usual in the myTriPic quality. There are many occasions for postcards whether traveling, on vacation, at the beach or at some other occasion. Just go and write a birthday card, a christmas card for the quiet time or directly from your New Year's Eve party. Also an Easter greetings postcard, a sweet valentine for your love or directly from the ski lift, a real photo card is always a great idea. Maybe you are living abroad at the moment? Use to stay in contact with your friends, supporters, or with your companies customers. Self-designed myTriPic postcards are always a good idea, and in times of online posts a very personal greeting.